Honor Flight Scrapbooking

(Image 1)

The memories of a group of heroes are now preserved for all to see. The two October Honor Flights are being combined into one scrapbook with the help of some volunteers at Ridgecrest Village in Davenport.

Pictures, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia tell the story of the veteran's visit to the world war two memorial in Washington DC. Volunteers say this a good way for the memories to live on for friends and family of the heroes. The scrapbook will remain at Ridgecrest Village where many veterans will be able to reminisce about their unforgettable day.

“You can really hear them talking about their day when they're flipping through the pages. 'Oh, there we were at the memorial.' Or, 'Oh, that's when we went to Iwo Jima.' So you can really tell that it does spark their memories about that day,” said Cathy Rochau.

Next month, the helpers will make a scrapbook for the November 10th Honor Flight. Volunteers say they will continue doing this for any future flights.

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