Letter From BVI Owner

The time has come…

It is with a sad heart that we are announcing the closing of the Belgian Village Inn.  Our last day will be Saturday February 1st.   The BVI was created in 1977 by Denis and Loretta, electrician and a former Nurse.  The parents of six, Denis and Loretta set aside everything to live the American dream…to start their own business.  They created and nurtured the Belgian Village Inn to legendary status in the Quad Cities.  All their children participated through the years.  In 1997, we took the baton by purchasing the BVI and enjoyed many years of success. 

However, with success comes great sacrifice.  After taking a couple days off this week due to the frigid weather, we did some soul searching which led to our ultimate decision to bid farewell.  For several months, we have known that this day would come and during the short break, we realized that now is the right time.  The years, with its ups and downs, have taken its toll and we need to focus on our health and the health of our family.    

The people we have been privileged to meet over the years was the driving force behind our desire to carry on the BVI tradition.  Primarily, we would like to thank our customers.  We have taken great pleasure in providing you with a quality product.  You have been a joy to meet and serve.  We will miss all of you and your stories.

We would like to thank all our loyal and trusted employees, especially Brenda, Tom, Nathan, Tracy, Bruce, Dain, Stacy…, who have been with us for many years (and in some cases decades).  Also, we would like to thank the many employees who are no longer with us.

To our children (and their families), thank you for enduring the many years of sacrifice required to run a small business.  Each of you (by choice or by force) lent a helping hand at the BVI.  You saved us on many an occasion.  Each of you have moved on with life…It has been a pleasure to watch you discover your own unique path.  We love you dearly!

We would also like to thank our vendors, suppliers and business partners, many of whom have been with us from the beginning.

And last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to the founders, Denis and Loretta.  Your support and guidance this past 17 years has been invaluable.  You lived the ‘American Dream' and risked everything to start your own business and for 20 years built a QC gem through your hard work and dedication.  Your strong values, passion for the quality, and your love for your customers is the foundation of the Belgian Village Inn.  We were honored to be a small part of your dream.

The time has come…

We will miss all of you!

Karen & Shawn

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