Parents: Back To School Shopping Is Expensive

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The National Retail Federation released its annual survey and says the average family will spend $669 on back to school shopping.  The school supply lists are already out for local schools and  getting those supplies can be pricey.

Laura Beazely is a mom of four children.  She says shopping for school supplies is a challenge she faces every year.

“It’s somewhat terrifying,” Laura Beazely said. “It can be busy trying to get everybody what they want and they are so excited to get all of their things brand new for school.”

Beazely says buying brand new supplies is quite an expense.  That’s why she doesn’t buy everything all at once.  

“I really need to make sure we’re looking for sales. So I’m looking for coupons through the ads online so I can make sure we get things a little cheaper,” Beazely said. “Sometimes they have buy one get one free.”

But other shoppers disagree and say they’d just prefer to just get it out the way.  

“It’s nice to save money, sure. If they have what you need and you need it right now, I’ll pay the extra money,” Tim Husemann, whose not shopping for school supplies yet said.   

Meanwhile, it’s the moment of truth for Beazeley who has shopping cart filled with glue, pencils, crayons and markers.

“Today I spent $72 and we didn’t even get everything we needed,”Beazely said. “Before school starts I’m anticipating that we’re going to be spending anywhere between $75 – $100 on each kid from clothing to back packs, all of that.”

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