School Shooter Prevention Device Goes National


MUSCATINE, IA – Talk about “The Sleeve” has spread quickly in the past five weeks. Fighting Chance Solutions has already made sales to 22 states. The inventors have also received calls from foreign countries, but it all started in Daniel Nietzel’s Muscatine basement.

“I found the top of a Rubbermaid container and measured out geometrically the shape I needed and cut out five pieces,” says Nietzel, a middle school teacher and President of Fighting Chance Solutions. “Then I got out the hot glue gun and on my work shop table in the basement, hot glued it, and let it dry.”

His simple household materials turned into an unbreakable steel piece. It slips quickly on a door’s closer arm and prevents up to 600 pounds of force. He created this after all the tragic school shootings to protect students in the classroom.

His sales have gone beyond schools. Nietzel says hospitals, the military, and corporate offices have also made purchases. He says, “We designed this with schools in mind, but we really are seeing it branch out into other areas as well which is exciting.”

Now, these Muscatine educators are learning how to run a business – something they didn’t expect to come so soon. They’ve received so many orders that Nietzel has decided to take a sabbatical from teaching to work on Fighting Chance Solutions full time.

Nietzel says it’s bitter-sweet to leave his students, but he is ultimately doing what he loves, just in a different way. He is still an educator and a dad looking out for one cause: to keep the kids safe.

From a Rubbermaid container lid to what the world now knows as “The Sleeve”, Daniel Nietzel and his team are looking forward to the future.

Without revealing too much, they are in phase one of one product, and have a prototype for another product relating doors without the closer arms.

Nietzel also says he wants to keep all the production local in Muscatine. The product was designed in Muscatine, and he is proud to have it developed and manufactured in his hometown as well. Fabricators Plus is the company producing the sleeves, at 6,000 per week.

For more information on The Sleeve, visit

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