Mercer County Changes Snow Plow Policy

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“We have the same amount of roads to take care of and the same amount of drivers” Says Mercer County Board Chairman Jeff McWhorter.

Mercer County has 151 miles of county highways and 743 miles of township roads, all affected by a new snow plowing policy enacted by the Mercer County board recently, leaving residents like Nila Carle concerned.

“I think a lot of people are going to be in danger,” Carle exclaims.

But Mcworter says the county is doing all that it can with the limited resources it has.

“The policy was enacted because salt prices have tripled in the past year. Our limited budget we can’t afford to spend as much on salt and buy as many tons as what we had in the past.”

The policy states that a salt and sand mixture will only be applied to curves, intersections and hills. All other parts of Mercer County roads will be covered with sand only.

“If we would have salted like we would have in the past we may run out by January,” McWhorter says.

The policy also states that every effort will be made to get roads clear for morning and evening commutes and if a snow event starts late at night, other than during emergencies, plows will be out in the morning to clear roads.

“Of course they want to have the roads plowed for the school busses and the people going to work so they’ll be out early in the morning trying to do as much as they can,” Says McWhorter.

But Carle isn’t quite satisfied, “I feel that if we have no plowing at all and they wait til morning, its going to cause a lot more accidents.”

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