Playing Pretty Things

Fran Riley Feature


Ninety five year old Danny Roman of Moline likes to play pretty things. Slow ballads or pop music.

Roman started playing piano in 1935. He took music lessons from nuns.

He chuckles about those days. If  Danny made a mistake, a nun would hit him on the knuckles with a ruler. He says that hurt.

Fast forward. Decades later, Roman practices every day in a small room at his Moline home. Music motivates him.

Roman says he is always trying to get better.

His fingers are a bit more nimble. He has arthritis in his right hand. However, that does not dampen his enthusiasm. He loves playing the piano.

Roman has a number of photos from the days he played with several local bands. Hal Wiese and Tony Bellson  are two names he mentions.

Danny also enjoyed performing at ballrooms. He says those venues were special. Five or six hundred people would dance to the music.

Roman says one of his biggest fans was his late wife Arline. They were married for seventy years.

She was very supportive of his musical talent.

Danny is approaching his 96th birthday. He is still composing music and getting his kicks out of what he can create at the keyboard.

His outlook is tremendous. He says if you enjoy doing something, keep on doing it as long as you can.

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