Do You Have A Great Idea Or Event For Paula Sands Live?

Paula Sands Live

PSL-2013-Angle-Color IDEAS FOR PSL

We welcome any and all ideas you may have for Paula Sands Live. We’re all about showcasing the people, places, events and activities of the Quad City area.

Just fill out our simple PSL Show Submission form below to submit your idea.


PSL is booked several weeks out. So, submit your idea as early as possible. We can’t use every suggestion. But we will contact you if we’re interested.

Sometimes we have to hold an idea for a later date. So please understand if we don’t contact you immediately. It doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in your idea; it may just mean the timing is not quite right and we will do it later.


Ask yourself these questions:

What can I TEACH or SHOW the viewer?

How can I VISUALIZE the segment for live TV – with props or a demonstration?

For issue-oriented segments:

What bullet points or graphics could illustrate my main points?

Bottom Line: Viewer Benefit

What does this MEAN to our audience?


Email us at

Please make sure to include ALL your contact information in your email.

PSL Show Submission Form

Please fill out as much information as possible.

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