A Close Shave

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fran 1-22-15

The neighborhood barber shop!

Years ago, shave and a haircut. Two bits.

Jerry Carter from Hampton is trying to preserve a piece of the past.

He is a member of the National Shaving Mug Collectors Association.

Carter says 1900-1949 was a time when many barber shops had mug racks.

Customers would leave their personal shaving mugs at the shop.

Jerry has plenty mugs. Hand painted. Made in Europe.

Some are occupational, depicting what a man did for a living.

Others are fraternal, with the names of organizations like the Elks or Moose.

Years ago, Carter bought a mug for three hundred dollars.

Today, many sell for thousands.

The Carter collection also includes brushes, combs, and ornate straight blades.

Many are made of ivory.

He has a strop. The barber used that piece of leather to take the rough edges off of a straight blade.

Carter grew up in Danville, Illinois and says the barber shop was like a club. A place for

men to hang out, talk, and enjoy the fellowship!

The National Shaving Mug Collectors Association started in 1980.

Now, there are members in over forty states, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Jerry has attended shows in Chicago, Saint Louis, and Indianapolis.

Always looking to add to his razor sharp collection!

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