To The Rescue!

Fran Riley Feature: The Food Rescue Program in Muscatine.


MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) — The program is designed to put bread on the table. The motto is: “If you can’t use it, maybe somebody else can.” It’s the Food Rescue Program in Muscatine.

Several businesses in the city donate food which has been pulled from their shelves and give it to food pantries around town. The program operates year round, five days a week. Recently, volunteers Jack and Sue Thirtyacre, and their grandson, delivered shopping carts full of bread, cereal, pop, and other items to the Salvation Army.

According to Nichole Sorgenfrey from United Way of Muscatine, the city has a poverty rate of about fifteen percent. That’s according to U.S. Census Bureau stats from 2012. This food helps to feed the less fortunate.

Jim Simmons is the Store Director at Hy-Vee in town. He says just because a canned good falls on the floor and gets a dent, does not make it bad food. Bread is still edible, even following an expiration date.

The program began last April, and has helped hundreds of people. Fareway, Pizza Ranch, and Hy-Vee Mainstreet also donate food to the program. Agencies receiving the donations are the Muscatine Community Food Pantry, Pearl City Outreach, and Salvation Army.

More than a dozen volunteers keep the program going. Food to the rescue, because nobody wants to go hungry!

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