Illinois State Police look to curb increase in traffic fatalities

illinois state police

EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) — The Illinois State Police say traffic fatalities were up 600 percent in February 2015 from the previous year. Alcohol, not wearing wear seatbelts, and disobeying traffic control signs were all contributing factors. Illinois State Police District 7 has pledged to step up patrols on rural blacktop and state routes.

“One of our most important priorities is enforcement of traffic laws that are designed to save lives,” states Lieutenant Jon Dively, District 7 Commander.

“Unfortunately there have been too many incidents of fatal crashes on our rural roads this year, and we must address this issue.”

During the month of February 2015 there have been: three fatalities on county roads, three fatalities on Illinois State and US Routes and one fatality in town. This is a 600% increase from 2014. These fatal crashes bring District 7 fatalities up seven for 2015 (there was one fatal crash at this same time last year). The causes of these fatal crashes are related specifically to alcohol, failure to wear seatbelt, and disobeying traffic control signs.

“Troopers will continue to focus on the interstates,” Lieutenant Dively continues, “Operational plans will also focus troopers on the ‘less traveled’ roads in the district.”

Some drivers choose to relax their adherence to traffic law when they reach less populated areas. Some feel it is a good place to text, drive under the influence, push the speed limit and forget to wear seatbelts. This type of behavior has deadly consequences.

“We will continue our mission of enforcing traffic laws and serving the motoring public of District 7, but it is EVERY driver’s responsibility to follow the speed limit, don’t drive impaired, ensure every occupant is restrained, and to not drive distracted,” concludes Lieutenant Jon Dively.

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