Morrison looking into pet ordinance


MORRISON, Ill (KWQC) – “To hear that a city doesn’t have animal ordinances seems a little surprising,” said Pam Arndt, Director of the Scott County Human Society.

While it may be surprising, it’s true. The City of Morrison has no ordinances capping the number of pets a resident can own. The city council began researching this topic after a resident brought it to their attention a few months back.

“After the meeting we looked into our code,” said Barry Dykhuizen, City of Morrison Administrator. “Morrison’s code now just prohibits cruelty and neglect, so we don’t cap a specific number of pets.”

It may not be a pressing matter, but rules like this can help protect animals in the longrun. Arndt said too many pets can be overwhelming.

“One it can be very expensive,” Arndt said. “Two having multiple pets like that, cleaning for them, caring for them, can be a full time job.”

But residents have mixed opinions as to wether or not the city should step in.

“Being a dog owner you know if you’re able to take care of them and you want to have four or five dogs I think you should be allowed to have four or five dogs,” Morrison resident, Brian Soesbe said.

“I mean you should be able to have your own pets, but too many, like I think it would just get overwhelming,” Morrison resident Dylan Crawford said. “Because residents wouldn’t think it would be O.K. to have like 16 of your cats running around.”

The city said if they do decide to set down a limit, it would be to benefit law enforcement.

“If there is a specific number identified in the city code it would provide city officials some teeth in the ordinance if they were called to a home and there were an extraordinary number of pets,” Dykhuizen said.

The City of Morrison said they are currently talking with their attorneys about what an ordinance like this would look like.

In Moline, a person can have up to four cats or dogs. And in un-incorporated Rock Island, pet owners can have as many pets as they can care for, but over four pets and they have to get a kennel license.

A decision to put a cap on the number of pets a resident can own won’t be made for a few weeks.

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