It’s A Hoot

Fran Riley Feature


JACKSON COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) — Off the beaten path. Near Bellevue, Iowa, is a pristine corner of the world.

An 1849 log cabin. The logs are original. A carving of an Indian in the bluff nearby. A pond, smokehouse, and much more. Welcome to Hoot Owl Holler.

Joe and JoAnn Schlecht are the owners. Sitting on the front porch of the cabin, they listen to the sound of the birds and watch the world pass by.

The cabin was moved five miles, to its current location, about 21 years ago. The logs were cut from timber in the area. Joe says this cabin was destined for destruction. He and some friends decided to save it.

The old fashioned stove, kitchen utensils, and a table made of red oak are throwbacks to the pioneer days. Life on the prairie.

The family does its own butchering and uses the smokehouse. The many acres are a tribute, Joe says, to the people who came before us.

It’s a gem. Frozen in time. A place to relax. Hoot Owl Holler. Yes, indeed. Home is where the Holler is!

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