Reaction after no quorum at Davenport special City Council Meeting

Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) – “In order to call this special city council meeting to order, we need a quorum,” Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba said Friday night. “As we do not have a quorum, we cannot hold this meeting or conduct any official business. That’s apparently under the state law. So with that, thank you again for joining us.”

No quorum, means no vote. And no vote makes for some unhappy Davenport citizens. Resident Bob Babcock said, “In the absence of information, you know, I don’t know. But it certainly doesn’t look good for them.”

With only 4 of the 10 aldermen at the special city council meeting; Kerri Tompkins, Mike Matson, Rick Dunn and Barney Barnhill, the council couldn’t vote on the dismissal of City Administrator Craig Malin or City Attorney Tom Warner.

“It certainly leaves room open to interpretation,” Babcock said. “I mean, in the absence of information, what do you fill in the blanks with? I heard a lot of people say its a lack of backbone. It’s a lack of courage. I don’t know.”

Friday night, a room full of people ready to hear a decision, but Alderman Bill Boom told us early Friday, he knew there wouldn’t be a quorum. “It really makes no sense to try and have a council meeting when we don’t have enough people to transact business,” Boom said.

The Mayor said he just wants to deal with this right away. “I believe to get stuff out. Swift, concise facts period. Deal with it. You know, it ain’t gonna go away, you’re not gonna let this issue of 1.6 million go away as media, and I don’t blame you. And I’m not gonna let it go away so you deal with it.”

There is supposed to be a vote at Wednesday night’s regular meeting. The entire council is expected to attend.

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