Access still not permitted at Woodhaven Lakes

woodhaven lakes

SUBLETTE, Ill (KWQC) – Two days after a tornado hit the Woodhaven Lakes Campground in Sublette, people are still not allowed to go inside. People with families inside the campgrounds are frustrated because of this.

“They’re not letting us in, they said they’re not letting anyone in, they won’t even let us go to the gate with supplies,” Bethany Flores said.

Flores came from Gary, Ind. with her husband to bring supplies to her mother-in-law who is still inside the campgrounds.

“There’s trees everywhere, I mean a lot of trailers, campers have gotten crushed by trees,” Flores said. “Debris everywhere, looks like a big mess.”

After driving more than three hours, they aren’t allowed to get inside to deliver plywood, a saw or water.

“I understand that they don’t want a million people trying to get through when they’re trying to clean up the mess,” Flores said. “However, a lot of the small problems that could be handled with supplies could prevent bigger problems from happening, especially with another storm coming this way, so I think the very least we could’ve been able to just give them the supplies and go.”

More weather coming to the area, similar to the weather that came through Monday scares Flores.

“We’re all worried sick, wish I could be in there or at least one of us in there with her to help her through this,” Flores said.

As of Wednesday, five people have been confirmed injured.


Officials encore people to check for updates on the Lee County Emergency Management Facebook Page for the most up to date and accurate information.
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