Mechanical Marvel

Fran Riley Feature - Pine Creek Grist Mill


MUSCATINE COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) – Wildcat Den State Park. It is home to a mechanical marvel. The Pine Creek Grist Mill is a gem!

Chuck Missel has family ties to the mill. His family owned it for about thirty years.

Chuck marvels at the machinery which still operates quite well. Much of it is original. He calls the grist mill an anchor of the community when people settled in the area long ago.

The Friends of the Pine Creek Grist Mill have devoted countless hours to renovating the building. The group stabilized the mill foundation, structure, and dam. The volunteer group repaired much of the machinery.

Dave Metz is a longtime volunteer at the mill. He says initially, water from a nearby creek was a lifeline for Pine Creek Grist Mill. The mill had a water wheel. It was installed in 1850.

A steam engine powered the mill until 1918. Mills were places farmers went to convert corn and wheat into something edible.

Grist mills. At one time, familiar buildings in the days when Iowa had hundreds of them.

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