Rock On

Fran Riley Feature - Rock Band Vander Veer

fran 8-17-15

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Four teenagers. Two guys and two gals. Rock Solid. This teenage band rocks the academy.

That is the Q. C. Rock Academy. The band is Vander Veer. The same name as the Davenport park. They’ve been together for about one year.

The teens never knew each other until the band was formed at the rock academy. None attends the same school.

Jaydon Biles is on lead guitar. One year he asked for a guitar as a Christmas present. Jaydon got his wish and learned how to play it.

Kayla Masakowski says the band chose the name because the members wanted to come back to their roots in Iowa.

Nathan Seutter plays drums. Sydney Nelson is also a versatile member. The band has played live in the QCA.

It’s eighties-nineties classic rock with a teenage twist. Rock on! That’s exactly what Vander Veer intends to do!

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