Kmart and Ichiban closing, more empty storefronts


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Tuesday, Kmart confirms they are closing the Davenport location on Brady Street in mid-January. The liquidation sale starts on November 12th and that means 59 people will lose their jobs. Wednesday, the owner of a family-owned restaurant, Ichiban, tells KWQC they are closing their doors after losing money from the restaurant. Ichiban is just across the street from Kmart.

In February, Radioshack on Brady Street also closed its doors. The store is still empty. Next door to the old Radioshack is another empty building.

“It’s going to be pretty hard. There are a lot of vacant places that aren’t open yet; nobody has started up a business and it’s sad,” said Darcy Hunt, a Davenport resident. She says stores on Brady Street are closing down one by one and is worried. Hunt shops at Kmart twice a week and says she is sad to see it go.

Ronald Judge, another Davenport resident commented on the Kmart announcement, “It’s inconvenient for me. You seen, I’m disabled as far as I can’t drive anymore and this place is within easy walking distance of my home.” He was also a customer of the former Brady Street Radioshack.

The old Radioshack property just got a new agent last month, Shawn Langan with NAI Ruhl Commercial Company. He said, “This Brady Street corridor has had its challenges over the years.” But Langan says revitalization is happening and is hopeful these buildings will start to fill up. He said, “I think over the next several years, you are going to start to see some redevelopment on peoples properties and sprucing it up.”

In his short time with the old Radioshack property, there has already been a lot of interest. Langan said, “My estimation on that would be within the next 90 days, I think we are going to be able to identify a solid tenant.”

Langan says the lease rates in this area are good and competitive, and property taxes are low. He says the busy Brady Street is also a good encouragement for businesses to move in.

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