Salvation Army $130,000 cuts will lead to major changes

salvation army 2

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — The Salvation Army of the Quad Cities fell short of its 2015 Red Kettle Campaign goal, but that’s only a portion of a large cut of grants and funding.

A total of $792,126.34 was donated for the Red Kettle Campaign, leaving a $22,873.66 gap. Funds raised over the holiday season help fund services for shelter, food, clothing and other needs. It also provides programs and opportunities to children and adults to learn life and empowerment skills.

Major Gary Felton says on top of that shortfall, The Salvation Army is expecting $130,000 worth of cuts.

FEMA funds have been cut this year.

Without a state budget, the organization is not going to receive any funds from the state of Illinois, which is normally $60,000.

The Salvation Army typically receives a $35,000 grant for the transitional housing program. That is also being cut.

“It’s pretty devastating for us,” said Felton, “If it’s just Christmas shortfall, the $22,000, we can probably make cuts around the edges, but when you have $130,000 worth of shortfall, you have to make some pretty deep cuts.”

Felton says this means they may have to cut programs and employees to make up the difference. He says the after school day camp program in the summer may have to be eliminated. He also worries that employees will have to be let go or given less hours.

Overall, Felton says he and the organization are still very grateful for the donations received over the year and during the Red Kettle Campaign. If anyone wants to help, donations can be made to 301 W. 6th Street in Davenport, Iowa.


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