Crow Creek bike path closing to repair damage from flash floods

duck creek flood

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) – For months, people using the Crow Creek Recreational Trail have had to watch their step in order to cross a bridge that was damaged during flash floods last summer. On July 6, 2015, heavy rains sent creeks rising, including Crow Creek in Bettendorf. The force of the flooded creek was so powerful, it uprooted trees and carried them downstream until they became lodged onto the bridge of the bike path. The floodwater also washed away the top layer of pavement from the bridge.

Beginning Tuesday, March 22, 2016, the City of Bettendorf announced that the recreation trail will be closed temporarily for repairs to the bridge. The trail will be open on either side of the bridge during construction. The Repairs should be completed within one to two weeks. The city says the bridge has been redesigned, in an effort to prevent it from happening again.

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