Augustana And Audiology

fran 4-20-16

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) – On the Augustana College Campus, Doctor Ann Perreau provides help for the hearing impaired. She is the audiologist at the College Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing.

The center is 65 years old and the audiology clinic was expanded in 2011. Perreau’s clients include college faculty, staff, students, and people living in the Quad City area.

She teaches courses and does research in the area of hearing science. Perreau recently tested Augustana student Diana Irwin. She has hearing loss in her right ear. Irwin was diagnosed and fit with a hearing aid at Augie.

Perreau also has the equipment to test for volume. Using high tech machinery, the doctor can determine if Irwin’s hearing aid needs a volume adjustment.

Diana says the hearing aid has been a huge help in the classroom. With it, she can hear what the teacher is saying. Without the hearing aid, It would be difficult for Diana to understand speech.

Perreau says there is a definite correlation between hearing and speech. Clients repeat words that they hear through earphones. Word repetition also helps to determine the accuracy of a client’s speech.

Augustana and audiology. A program about assessment and treatment. Designed to Improve a person’s quality of life!

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