Safety advocates speak up after two fatal motorcycle accidents in the QCA


QUAD CITIES, Ill. (KWQC) — After two fatal motorcycle accidents in the last 24 hours, safety advocates give advice to all drivers on the road.

The first accident happened in LeClaire, Iowa Sunday night. Police say two riders were killed.

The second accident happened Monday morning in Rock Island. Police say a woman traveling on a motorcycle sideswiped another vehicle causing her to crash.

A.B.A.T.E. is a motorcycle safety awareness coalition in Illinois. The group spends time advocating for motorcyclists.

Kelly Carlson, Safety Education Coordinator for the Blackhawk division of A.B.A.T.E. says all drivers on the road should stay focused to keep everyone safe.

“We have to watch out for everybody. I drive a car, and I ride a motorcycle so even I have to remember to watch for motorcycles even thought I ride one,” said Carlson.

She admits it’s not always easy to spot a motorcycle, giving riders a job to make sure they can be seen on the road.

“Motorcycles are smaller then cars so they look farther away. They may look like they are traveling faster then they are,” said Carlson.

When Carlson rides her motorcycle she tries to make eye contact with drivers or give them a wave. She said if they see her she feels she is less likely to get hit or cut off by another vehicle.

She also recommends wearing protective clothing just in case you crash.

“Make sure you wear boots that go up over your ankles. Don’t wear shorts because you can get burned,” said Carlson.

She said motorcyclists should dress for “slide not the ride,” meaning wear clothing that will keep you safe.

Motorcycles have the same rules on the road as cars. Carlson says being a safe driver helps prevent accidents.

“Nobody gets on their motorcycle and goes out and thinks oh you know I am going to ride like an idiot today or something. Nobody gets in their car and goes out intentionally wanting to run someone over,” said Carlson.

A.B.A.T.E. asks all drivers to think of each vehicle, and motorcycle as a person. Distracted driving could cost that person’s life.

“You take your eyes off the road for just a second and your swerving into the other lane one way or another,” said Carlson,”It could be your neighbor, it could be your doctor, it could a lawyer, it could be a police officer, it could be a grandma.”

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