Volunteer K-9 search team may have assisted in discovery of missing woman’s body


STANDARD, Ill. (KWQC) – Over the course of several weeks following Deborah Dewey’s disappearance there were many organized searches throughout that area. The Ladd, Illinois woman was last seen on August 22nd, 2016. About two weeks after that KWQC caught up with a local volunteer K-9 group as they conducted a search near Interstate 80 in Bureau County.

On Wednesday, police officials announced Dewey’s body was found on September 12th in Standard, Illinois. A spokesperson for Central K-9 Search and Rescue released a statement detailing their involvement leading up to discovery:dewey-house-search

“We’ve been involved with the search with the family since August 24 covering various areas. We expanded our search to the town of Standard. We actually conducted three searches in that town. On September 8th we were searching in the southeast side of the town that led us to 5th Street and Route 71. That’s where our K-9 alerted. At that time we noticed a suspicious area. We notified the family and they notified authorities. On Friday the 9th we continued to search more and checked back on that area to make sure it hadn’t been disturbed. A few of the residences spoke with us about generalities in the town, nothing of real interest. On Friday, the dog alerted again at that spot. We told the family they probably should call in an HRD K-9, short for Human Remains Detection. They did that on their own and this K-9 arrived on Saturday and it also alerted like ours did. The family notified the authorities of that as well. On Sunday we did a final sweep of the town. We went to check the suspicious area to make sure nothing was disturbed from before, and the property was being mowed. We questioned the young man mowing to see if he knew anything about the area and all he said was a tree had fallen there. Monday, we sent another team member during the day to follow-up to see if there was any saw dust or tree limbs broken. Upon arriving to that property at 1 p.m. state police were already there doing an excavation. They greeted our team member and thanked him for all we had done and shared their appreciation.”deweymissing


Central K-9 Search and Rescue is a non-profit team based out of Spring Valley, Illinois. It is made up of all volunteers. A spokesperson say the dogs are certified in tracking. No other information will be released until Illinois State Police officials have new updates on their investigation.

Police officials announced Clifford Anderson, 66, of Standard is being charged with concealment of a death. Police say the case is now considered a homicide investigation and it still open and ongoing.

missing ladd woman



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