Dad writes book inspired by son, to overcome bullies


LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – A father/author is out to inspire kids to stand up to bullies. He has written a new book influenced by his four-year-old son, Zander who has faced some challenges early on in life.

It all started with a cape. After Zander came home from the hospital dealing with a rare stomach condition, he never took it off.

Now, ‘Super Zander’ as he calls himself, is out to save the day.

“I think they’re all super heroes,” Paul Garcia, Zander’s Dad said, adding he thinks that of all kids.

“When we came home [from the hospital], a friend of ours gave him a cape with a ‘Z’ on it and he just did not want to take it off,” Garcia said.

He wore it to bed, the mall and the grocery store.

“That cape kind of just kept his spirits up,” Garcia said.

So, he didn’t fight it. Instead, inspired by his son, he took to writing.

“So I thought, all kids are super heroes, lets focus on that, lets focus on empowering children that they’re all super heroes.”

And ‘Super Zander’ was born, a book based on school bully, Diesel, who’s after everyone’s ice cream.

Not to spoil the ending…”then they save the day,” Zander yelled out enthusiastically, while sitting on his dad’s lap.

“And he does, he’s able to ascertain the situation using his mind instead of his fists,” Garcia said.

That’s the lesson Garcia wants every kid to know. He says he’s already seen the impact his book has made on others.

“Their son was being bullied and that the book really inspired him to take a stand,” said Garcia about a neighbor’s kid.

A children’s book inspired by a little boy with a cape, to make the world a better place.

The book is available on Garcia’s website and on Amazon.

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