Woman gets $10,000 to start urban aqua farm in Moline


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – A visit to the Food Hub really paid off for one budding entrepreneur. With Davenport’s Food Hub and farmer’s market as the backdrop, Royal Neighbors of America presented Amanda Olson with a check for $10,000 Thurs. Sept. 15, 2016, to help her open an aquaponics farm

What is aquaponics? Olsen says it is a system for harvesting food, which is done without using soil or fertilizer. She says it will bring new food options to the Quad City area.
“Most of the basis of my business will be fish farming and it will be indoor fish farming with huge tanks–175 gallon tanks,” said Olson.

“I will start out growing just tilapia. So I will grow fish and I will also grow seaweed in my tanks. And then, I will grow passion fruit on the side in another separate area. So basically, I’ll have three main crops when I start out, and it will be bringing three things to the area that don’t exist here as local food because they’re not, they don’t grow naturally within our environment here,” she added.

The money will help her set up the urban aquatic farm system in Moline. Olson hopes to have it up and running by January.

Royal Neighbors’ Nation of Neighbors program gives financial support to people starting or expanding businesses. This year, 10 grants will be presented across the country.


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