Dakota Access Pipeline protesters ready for tomorrow’s rally


Sandusky, IA – (KWQC) For months protesters across the states have been standing along side the people of Standing Rock, North Dakota, to voice their opinions about the construction of the $3.8 Billion pipeline that will stretch 1,172 miles. Last week, hundreds Marched to a construction zone in Sandusky, IA to make a statement, “Water is life.”

The protesters didn’t keep the construction workers from doing their work during their march. This weekend, that all changes, hundreds of protesters will return to the same site to protest, but also keep the construction workers out of their site.

“We’re all environmentalists, and we just think it’s very bad for Iowa, for our water and our soil,” said protester, Brenda Knox.

Some protesters say they have been fighting this battle for years. :Our family started our protest two years ago,” said Elaine Tweedy. “The pipeline guy came to my brother’s door and said, ‘yeah we’re going to cut through the corner of your farm, sign here,’ we had thought about it and thought about it, and we said no.”

For others, like protester, Olivia McGuire, who’s been camping out in front of the pipeline site in Sandusky for 3 days, hits close to home. “I grew up on the Mississippi River, and I think it’s important that we protect it,” McGuire said.

Protesters also believe the pipeline owners don’t care about their well-being. Some saying that it’s all about money, and hope they realize the true consequences of the pipeline.

“Now you’ve got people, multi-billion dollar companies going into the river taking it out for free,” said Luca Majno. “They’re blowing up the river so that they can make a profit, and it’s not a profit for the people.”

Many protesters are aware of the consequences of blocking the site, but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

“If you arrest me for telling the truth then so be it,” said Majno.

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