Muscatine farmer grows abundance of pumpkins


MUSCATINE, Ia. (KWQC)- The official start of fall is just days away and many families have already started looking for pumpkins. However, some farmers say pumpkins may be short supply this year due to heavy summer rainfall. Shane Mariet owns a farm in Muscatine and said this year he has more pumpkins than ever.

“We planned on planting I think 3,000 and that includes pie pumpkins and gords,” said Mariet. “We ended up putting close to 10,000, maybe even more than that I don’t know what the final number was but real close to that.”

Mariet lost most all of his summer crops after a hail storm hit nearly 40 acres of his land. To help make up for the loss, Mariet decided to plant more pumpkin seeds than in past years.

“It’s definitely going to help but no we won’t be anywhere near you can’t replace a watermelon with a pumpkin that’s just not quite how it works but we’re trying our best.”

Mariet said he plans to spread out his crops next year so that if severe weather does hit, it won’t impact all of them.

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