Galesburg classroom ditching desks to make school fun


GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) — One first grade classroom in Galesburg is stepping outside of the norm by getting rid of desks.

Jenna Meister, First Grade Teacher at King Elementary, said after teaching common core she wanted to find a way to make education fun again.

“I decided what better way then to make students comfortable as they are learning,” said Meister.

After spending her time researching she decided to get rid of desks and bring in a variety of furniture. Donations from the community and advice from Pinterest led Meister to spend her summer re-vamping the classroom.

Now when you walk in you will find high-top tables with bar stools, a low table with pillow seats, another table with crates for seats, and two tables with stability balls.

This new environment gives students a chance to move around and not sit still in a desk all day.

“Classroom management has been easy because everybody kind of knows their spot and they all enjoy each spot so there has been no fighting,” said Meister.

She said the new set-up actually helps her students pay attention.

“Now really spelling time which was always kind of boring for the kids, they’ve enjoyed it now and they seem to be more focused sitting at these seats because you have that little fun aspect put into it,” said Meister.

Parents had a chance to check out the classroom before the start of school. Meister said some parents questioned the changes.

“They were all interested in seeing how this was going to work and they were kind of skeptical when they saw the ball seats and said they are going to be out of control,” said Meister.

Fortunately, after going over the rules and expectations, Meister said students have not had any issues with the new seats.

She said the feedback from students has only been positive.

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