Rock Island-Milan Superintendent speaks out about ‘Rocky 6’ protest


Rock Island – (KWQC) Rock Island-Milne Superintendent,  Dr. Michael Orberhaus released at statement on Tuesday, stating the young men who participated in the protest by kneeling during the National Anthem at the Rock Island vs. Allmen game Friday night, “did not intend to dishonor or disrespect the veterans, or current military personnel with the peaceful demonstration.”

Nicknamed the ‘Rocky 6’ after their demonstration, Oberhause also says he had a, “meaningful conversations with the students regarding the reactions of the protest, who felt that it was disrespectful to those who have served.” And acknowledges that the boys do have a right to protest. The superintendent also made it clear that he supports the players right to protest.

Another group that also supports the young football players right to protest is QC Empowerment, an organization designed to help young black and minority men become more involved in the community.

“This is not about a flag,” said Tracy White, QC Empowerment activist. “This is about bringing to light what’s happening.”

White was eluding to what she considers to be racial injustice in the country. One example being the police involve shooting of Terence Crutcher, a black man who was shot in Tulsa the same night the ‘Rocky 6’ took part in the controversial protest.

“For these 6 to step up and stand up by kneeling down, and to say this is wrong, they’re setting an example,” said White. Change does not happen over night, and we get that it takes instances like these to start the conversation to a least start talking about what we can change.”

The 6 students will not face any punishments for their actions.


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