Bettendorf construction causes decreases in sales for nearby businesses


BETTENDORF, Ia. (KWQC)- As construction continues into downtown Bettendorf new streets and sidewalks have been blocked off. In addition, many entries to local businesses have also been re-routed. Scott Jones, owner of Scuba Adventures, said the detours have had a big impact on his sales.

“This part out here started early this year back in March I think it was and traffic started slowing down there was a lot of car accidents out here things like this and just business started going down from there.”

Jones moved his store from Davenport to Bettendorf in 2008 in hopes of creating more revenue. However, with ongoing construction he said the move has had the opposite effect. Since construction began Jones said his sales have decreased 50 percent.

” It is bad enough you’re kind of competing with online sales and things like that and this is another reason why.”

Jones said he is now trying to spread the word that his business is still open through Facebook and e-mail blasts. I-DOT officials said that construction won’t be finished until at least after the new year.

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