Blue Grass Police use new technology to connect with the community

Blue Grass Police Doorbell

BLUE GRASS, Iowa (KWQC) – It may look like a regular doorbell, but for the police in Blue Grass the shiny, silver button is much more.

This doorbell was installed at the Blue Grass Police station just a couple of weeks ago and is already helping officers connect with people.

“I think it will help out big time in a way because the citizens now know there is always a way to get in touch with us,” said Sergeant Garrett Jahns.

The bell has a camera just above a button that has a motion sensor in it. When someone approaches the door, the camera begins recording.

If an officer is out on a call and not physically at the station, people can ring the doorbell and officers will get a notification on their cell phone. The responding officer can then see who is at the door and talk to the person through their phone.

“I think for the small town police departents that don’t have coverage inside their police departments all of the time, I think it is a great tool,” said Sgt. Jahns.

The Blue Grass Police uses Facebook to connect with the local community, but this tool, Sgt. Jahns thinks,  can further strengthen the force’s communication and connection with the community.

“The citizens now know there is always a way to get in touch with us,” said Sgt. Jahns. “They have 9-1-1, they have our Facebook page they sometimes like to reach out to us on, they have a telephone, and now they can come to the police department and ring that doorbell and they know they are going to get somebody no matter what they do.”

The cost for the door bell is around $200 and Blue Grass Police say if anyone is interested in getting something similar, they are welcome to stop by the station or write in to he department’s Facebook page.




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