Augustana College limits political chalking comments


ROCK ISLAND, Il. (KWQC) During the midst of a heated election season Augustana College has now implemented a new space for students to write their political views. The school has created a new “free expression zone.” The zone is marked off with blue tape and allows students to chalk sayings, mantras and political opinions within the parameters.

The administration implemented the new zone on Wednesday after several obscene political comments were chalked throughout the campus. Augustana officials said they hope this new space will allow students to share their concerns and opinions in a respectful way.

“We really want students to share their viewpoints share their values, part of a Liberal Arts education is broadening your opinions on matters when you are challenged by others opinions and so we hope that this zone does that for other students,” said Director of Communications, Sam Schlouch.

While many students are in favor of this new space, others said they believe it infringes upon their First Amendment rights.

” I don’t think it’s a good idea to have it in one zone, because people are going to write what they want wherever they want outside the lines and also anything that’s not in the zone and is political gets erased,” said student, Emma Nordmeyer.

Augustana College said this is now the only place for students to write political comments and that political writings outside of the zone will be erased. If the zone is well received the school said they will continue to allow it during future election seasons.

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