Local law enforcement showing students what to do at a traffic stop


PORT BYRON, Ill. (KWQC) — A new Illinois law leads officers in Rock Island County to start showing drivers’ education students what to do when they get pulled-over.

The new law mandates officers teach students their expectations at a traffic stop, and goes into effect for the next school year. Rock Island County officers are being pro-active and starting this year at Riverdale High School.

Jim Miller, School Resource Officer, said he hopes talking to students will eliminate any fears about getting pulled-over.

“We have a chance to reach out to these kids and say here this is what is expected and be able to do our best to put their minds at east and at rest if they do get pulled-over,” said Miller.

Officers advised students to keep their hands on the wheel until police ask for identification. The officer will then prompt for the person to take out their identification and proof of insurance.

Law enforcement suggest keeping your insurance card in a place that’s easy to access.

“You can clip it to your visor, then it’s much easier to reach up and grab it and we can see your hands,” said Miller.

Police want everyone to keep their hands visible so officers can see what is going on.

“It’s our chance to let them know exactly step by step why we do what we do,” said Miller.

Students also learned that police officers get scared too.

“We know that you’re nervous. Well sometimes we are nervous too, because we don’t know what we are walking up into,” said Miller.

After seeing the demonstration, students said they felt less stressed about the possibility of getting pulled-over.

“I knew a general like roll down your window, driver’s license, and registration, but I wasn’t really sure like where to put my hands or like what to tell the officer,” said Paige Jorgensen, student at Riverdale.

Officers plan to come back to visit students at Riverdale High Sc, and talk about distracted driving.

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