Mississippi, Wapsipinicon, Cedar & Iowa Rivers all will reach flood stage next week


CEDAR BLUFF, Iowa (KWQC)- The majority of main rivers in the Quad City Area will reach moderate to major flood stage next week according to the National Weather Service.

In Cedar County, those who live along the Cedar River are already preparing for the second largest crest in history.

“This morning, as soon as I saw they started raising the numbers on forecasting. You just start making plans and mentally preparing yourself,” said Rick Achenbach. “It’s pretty taxing.”

He and his family and friends started sandbagging their home tonight, five days ahead of the expected crest on Tuesday.

“All of my friends started texting me, ‘hey, let’s start sandbagging, let’s get going.’ So, just to be safe. It’s not supposed to get into my house but we’re just going to play it safe and probably sandbag a couple feet now,” he said standing along the river Thursday night.

The Cedar County EMA dumped the sand near his house.

The county is also preparing for the river to rise, they met once already Thursday afternoon.

“We had our weather meeting at two,” said Director Tim Malott. “We’ve already notified people on the river. We have communication boards on the river. We post information there every day to keep with the latest information.”

The river will crest nowhere near record flood stage, 31.1 feet, but it will still be the second highest crest at 24.1 feet.

The county and people in this area have learned from that record crest in 2008.

“2008 was a flood that caught us off guard,” Malott said. “We didn’t prepare, it just caught us off guard.”

“We had turnover in personnel, but the guys that are here understand what we’re looking for and we just move forward,” he added.

So, as the river rises in the next few days, those along the Cedar will be prepared.

“You never have a 100 percent grasp on it,” Malott said. “Something is always thrown at you, but we’re doing the best we can.”

Cedar County will close roads in the area, including the Rochester Bridge. That is expected to happen around Monday Afternoon.

You can check river levels here.

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