Quad Cities Boots on the Ground to host solidarity vigil

boots on the ground

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Violent protest against officer-involved shootings were seen the past two nights in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Boots on the Ground in the Quad Cities says they do not want similar situations here. Next week they will host a vigil to allow the community to express any options about the violence they might have.

“What we’re seeing is not OK,” said leader of Boots on the Ground Elder Daniel Teague.

Over the past week there have been three officer-involved shootings making national headlines. The latest in North Carolina sparked protests in Charlotte over the last several nights.

“They come-in in the military armor and they do this, they expect us to do this we have to think through this process because this time around we’re looking for a change,” Teague said.

Nearly one year ago, Boots on the Ground was established in the quad cities.

Teague said one of the group’s main focusses is young people.

“Our objective is to show the community that somebody is out here,” he said.

Teague says talking about problems is essential to ensure what’s happening in other parts of the country does not happen in the Quad Cities.

“All it takes is one,” Teague said. “We are just one away from that.”

He said Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, night’s vigil is about allowing people to express their frustrations about violence across the country.

“I think Dr. King even said, when people riot it’s the voice of the unheard, and so I want to give the community a platform to speak  and talk about  how they feel,” Teague said.

Deputy Director of United Neighbors Evelyn Nelson said it is important to teach our community how to channel negative emotions.

“We have to learn to control our emotions and I guess redirect those emotions in a way that will create change and stop the violence,” Nelson said.

Both she and Teague encourage everyone to come out to Monday night’s vigil.

Boots on the Ground will host its one year anniversary party starting at 6:30 p.m. The vigil will follow around 7:15 p.m.

Group leaders said over the next year they want to work with local police on combating racial profiling.

Teague says this is at the root of the several national cases and doesn’t want to see the same thing happen here in the Quad Cities.

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