Town of Seaton plans to keep post office


Seaton, IL – (KWQC) The small town of Seaton is facing a big issue in town, the possibility of losing the post office that’s been a major convenience to the village of 200. Residents of Seaton have been speculating that the post office will be shipping out of town, but village President, Robert Springer said he wants to set the record straight, and let people know that the post office will not be moving to a different town.

“It’s puling out of the building,” said Springer. “The building has got black mold in it, the roof is falling in, there’s termite damage, water damage, the landlord is never done anything to it.”

The Village President says it’s a problem the post office has been facing for quite some time. “There’s leaks down in the basement the city has had to pay for years now, we’re just finding that out,” said Springer.

Springer says he wants the reassure residents that the post office will stay in town, just with a few temporary moves. Such as the clustered boxes that will be used for the mail truck.

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