Rock Falls High School supports Morrison High School during a crisis


ROCK FALLS, Ill. (KWQC) — Rock Falls High school offering support to Morrison High School when it deals with the death of student.

Morrison High School is grieving this week, after the recent death of a student-athlete. The school moved this week’s football game from Friday to Saturday.

Rock Falls High School has experienced similar pain, and is trying to help Morrison heal.

The entire student body at Rock Falls High School gathered in the gym to take a photo to show their support for the school, with a caption reading “Our rocket hearts are heavy, but our shoulders are strong for the mustangs to lean on.”

Three years ago a freshman at Rock Falls High School passed away. The principal says area schools jumped in immediately to lend a hand.

Five friends who were close to the student open up saying that extra support helped them cope.

“It’s definitely helped me get through, I mean, I have had close friends. I lost one friend, but gained so many other friends because of this tragedy and it really helps a lot,” said Andrew Ashley, Rock Falls student.

After experiencing the pain, Rock Falls students are offering advice to those grieving in Morrison.

“Give it time and allow people to help you,” said Logan Pillars, Rock Falls student.

“Just realize that everyday is a new day and just not taking anything for granted anymore,” said Natalie Soltow, Rock Falls student.

Morrison’s football game will start at 5:30 pm on Saturday. All other events for the day have been canceled.

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