Runner completes 100 mile Hennepin, strives for 200 miles


UPDATE: He did it! Stormy Kies has finished his 200-mile run.

Kies ran the extra 100 miles in memory of his daughter Faith, who passed away earlier this year. He completed his second 100 mile Tuesday, October 4, 2016. With the help of friends on either arm, they shuffled his across the finish line. To the sound of cow bells and cheers, Kies briefly raised his arms in victory before collapsing into a nearby chair.

Congratulations Stormy Kies!

COLONA, Ill. (KWQC) – Stormy Kies has already completed the Hennepin Hundred mile race, a ultra marathon course which runs from Sterling, IL to Colona, IL.

While one hundred miles is enough of a feat, Kies has decided to run it back again.

“There’s absolutely no stopping me today, my feet hurt like heck, my legs hurt,” Kies says. “But there’s no way we’re not going to get this done.”

Kies is running the second hundred for his daughter Faith, who passed away this January.

Running has helped him heal and deal with his grief.

“This is my grieving, this is my way,” he says. “This is making me feel so much better.”

His daughter was an artist and drew a tattoo for him. He says he felt like he had to do something big before getting the tattoo done.

“He really really wants to use the artwork but he feels like he has to earn it,” says Sue Kies, Stormy’s wife.

Kies isn’t running the second hundred alone. Volunteers from the Ultra Running community will be running in shifts with him.

His daughter, Wendy, is overwhelmed at the support she’s seen.

“People I don’t even know come up and they’re like ‘You know what Stormy? You’re doing a great job,'” she says.

Sue Kies says it has been quite the journey to this point.

“When he started four years ago, his goal was to run a marathon,” she says. “Four years later here he is trying to pull a two-hundred.”

In all, it will take Kies about sixty hours to complete the two-hundred mile trek. He should finish sometime on Monday.



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