Davenport City Leaders discussing safety measures for Washington Street


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC)– Davenport City Leaders are discussing a pilot program that will provide new security cameras and l-e-d lights to Washington Street.

The city had a program in place 14 years ago that installed two cameras on that street, but as time went on the program ended and the cameras were no longer running.

Fourth-ward Alderman Ray Ambrose, said the cameras were installed to lower the crime rate and help improve the area.

Now after years of businesses fending for themselves when it comes to security the city is discussing another program to help out Washington Street.

“The pilot program was discontinued and businesses and neighbors have been begging the city to help,” said Ambrose.

Ambrose said the city administrator was able to locate some funding for new and improved security measures.

“A contractor was already lined up for this, but it’s taking a long time to get into place, so I am not sure when this will happen,” said Ambrose.

Business owners like Steven Stoltenberg are hoping their neighborhood will improve.

“It was much safe, up until now. We never advertised it that it (the cameras) were off,” said Stoltenberg, “If people see them they may get scared and not know they don’t work.”

Stoltenberg said he is even willing to help pitch in money, as he offers to pay the electric bill connected to one of the cameras.

“I think it will help the neighborhood, it deters the crooks from coming into the neighborhood,” said Stotlenberg.

Business owners and residents in the area hold monthly meetings and safety cameras have been a hot topic for the last few meetings.

The Davenport City Council will discuss the program on Tuesday at an afternoon meeting. Ambrose said city leaders will officially vote on the program at the next regular council meeting.

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