Poll workers needed ahead of Election Day


CLINTON, Ia. (KWQC)- County officials have already begun preparations for the influx of voters on Election Day. However, many counties in Iowa are still in need of hundreds of people to work at the polls during Election Day. Clinton County needs about 200 poll workers for November 8th. County Auditor, Eric Van Lancker said those staff members are critical to conducting smooth operations that day.

“There will be lines but we like to administer our elections as efficiently as possible but we also like to make sure we are getting it right so every one who comes and votes we are able to count their ballot so it’s very important that we have these folks there on site.”

Poll workers perform a variety of tasks throughout the day including checking people in, counting absentee ballots and managing long lines. Van Lancker said it’s been difficult in the past to get people to agree to a 16-hour work day.

“It is a very important job and it does take quite a few people to do that in a timely fashion and again it’s a long day so the more people that are there to support each other people support each other through that process the better.”

Those interested in working at the polls on Election Day are asked to attend a training session prior to Election Day. Employees are paid about seven to nine dollars per hour depending on the county. For more information call the County Auditor’s office.

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