Grassley Cancels Debate


QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — Iowa Public Television has canceled a U.S. Senate debate that was set for later this month because incumbent Republican Senator Chuck Grassley backed out. He and Democrat Patty Judge can’t seem to agree on a location.


You would expect the republican and democrat to disagree on the issues but Chuck Grassley and Patty Judge cannot agree on where and when to debate the issues.

“This is critically important voters get to see both of us stand side by side to answer questions important to our voters,” says Judge.

After pulling out of the IPTV debate, Grassley agreed to a KITV debate in Sioux City, Iowa, but Judge argues viewers across the state will not be able to watch it on television.

But Grassley Campaign spokesperson Bob Haus disagrees, saying it will be available online so that anyone with a computer can watch it. He says the senator pulled out of the IPTV debate because he couldn’t agree on the format.

Judge has now challenged Grassley to a KCCI-Des Moines Register debate. The senator now challenges Judge to a WHO radio debate.

KWQC and the Quad City Times have also invited both Judge and Grassley to debate in the Quad Cities at Saint Ambrose University. Judge’s campaign has expressed interest. Grassley’s campaign has yet to respond to multiple emails.

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