Local mission groups hope to help hurricane-ravaged Haiti


QUAD CITIES, Iowa/Ill. (KWQC) –  There are several mission groups in the Quad Cities area that regularly make trips to Haiti. With the country being slammed by Hurricane Mathew, members are hoping to help in any way they can from home right now.

It’s difficult to see the country going through such hardship once again. Much of Haiti is still recovering from the massive 2010 earthquake.

“It’s devastating. I feel like the earthquake again.” Haiti is a place near and dear to Deb Stockdale’s heart. Over the last two decades she’s been on a total of 18 mission trips there.

“We work a lot with schools, we do medical clinics. I’m a nurse so I always have nurses on my team. I’ve had doctors and pharmacists,” said Stockdale.

Her church, Prince of Peace Lutheran in Davenport makes a yearly trip to Haiti. They’re collecting donations and supplies to hopefully send there soon.

“Initally there’s all the water so there’s flooding. There will be people who drown, there will be people who die in mudslides, lots and lots and lots of people lose their homes,” she added.

Dr. Mark Blaser also has a calling to help Haiti with five trips there so far. His church, St. John Vianney Catholic in Bettendorf also sends a medical mission there each winter.

“We’ll see up to 1,800 people in a five day period where it’s mostly very primary care,” said Dr. Blaser.

He describes the living conditions as primitive and has an idea of the impact a category four hurricane will leave behind.

“They might have dirt walls and you can imagine that in 20 inches of rain how that would hold up,” he added.

Food and fuel shortages are expected right away along with many long term impacts. Plenty of help will be needed but many locally are planning to do what they can.

“They’ll be able to recover because they recover and they are an incredibly stoic people,” said Dr. Blaser.

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