War veteran speaks out about stolen American flags



Moline, Il (KWQC) It started with the political signs that were posted on his yard, and now after a week of trying to figure out who stole his U.S flag right off his porch, local war veteran, Keko Martinez finally expressed his frustrations Tuesday. Martinez believes that he has been targeted because of the political posters he keeps in his front yard.

“This is a low blow,” said Martinez. I just felt like who ever is doing this needs to stop and mind their own business.”

Martinez served in the United States Marine Corps for 26 years, and fought in Desert Storm. To Martinez, this flag was his lifeline.

“When I lost my job abruptly a year ago, I was depressed, the bills started piling up,” said Martinez. “I was on unemployment, we were barely making it and
I needed something to motivate me.”

That’s when Martinez got the idea to buy his own flag, and make his own flag pole, out of a broom stick. From poking holes in the tip of the broom and putting his own hollow eagle on the top of the flag, Martinez said this was what truly kept him going in the midst of his trials.

Martinez also reached out for help to a candidate he supports for state office. To his surprise, a few days later he was given not only a American flag, but a Marine Corps flag.

But Martinez says he still won’t give up looking for the flag that kept his spirits alive.  “It would probably revive me quite a bit and what’s it to them, not much, but a lot to me.”


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