Beaten Muscatine man calls his attack a hate crime


MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) –  An investigation is underway after a Muscatine man is badly injured in what he’s calling a hate crime and a gang related incident. It happened over the weekend and the victim says he was randomly attacked by a group of men.

Muscatine has had issues with gang violence in the past. Several years ago, the police department re-established its Street Crimes Unit which is dedicated to curbing gang issues. While police aren’t confirming whether or not that was the case with this incident, officials say the SCU and FBI are involved.

“This is not a simple assault. They jumped on me, charged me, because of the color of my skin,” said David Williams.

He has a broken nose, fractured cheek, and an eye socket injury. All of that was sustained early Sunday after he says more than a dozen men attacked him.

“Started calling me racial slurs, and black (explicit) you shouldn’t be here and this and that. Next thing I know they’re hitting me, jumping on me, kicking me in the face, punching me, knocking me to the ground,” said Williams.

It all happened outside a house on the south end of Muscatine. A friend of Williams who was inside the garage at the time heard the commotion.

“I was beyond nervous. I was at the point where I’m thinking is my life going to be taken tonight? Is my friend’s life going to be taken tonight?” said Phoenice Mason.

“I realized my friend was bleeding from his face profusely,” she added.

Williams went to the hospital in Muscatine and was then sent to Iowa City for treatment. He tells KWQC he believes the assailants are gang affiliated based on the racial slurs used and witness accounts. He added that he believes the area has somewhat of an issue with gang violence.

“I think it was just, they took opportunity of a situation. I was there all by myself, they saw me,” said Williams.

“It’s really disturbing to me that these people have no concept of community, they have no concept of moral values, they have no concept of what’s right and wrong,” added Mason.

Muscatine police officials confirm the Street Crimes Unit and the FBI right now have an active criminal investigation into this but they had no other comment at this time.

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