Nadine beats breast cancer by “powering through”


ANDOVER, Il. (KWQC)- It was around the holiday season of 2013 when 51-year-old Diane Kroll noticed something wasn’t right.

“I noticed this lump and it wasn’t like a little lump it was a huge lump and I thought that’s so odd.”

Kroll had received a mammogram a few months prior that originally showed a “fuzzy spot” but doctors agreed it wasn’t anything of concern. Skeptical of what the new lump could be Kroll made an appointment the day before Thanksgiving  to have it checked out.

“The doctor that took the biopsy told me that even though they had to wait for the results she had done enough of these biopsies that she said it’s cancer.”

The lump proved to be stage three breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. Kroll then underwent a radical mastectomy, followed by eight months of chemo and radiation. Throughout her journey with the disease, Kroll credits faith, friends and family for helping her through. However, she said one special person was her rock throughout the entire battle.

“Charlotte, she gave me a strength I don’t even know why a child would give you that extra but she did, she was my rock she stayed by me through it all.”

When Kroll began to lose her hair, she said it was Charlotte who eased that pain. Together the two would have “hat and scarf parties” in an effort to turn the negative situation into a cause for celebration. As Kroll neared the end of her treatments she wondered what she could do to help others who were battling breast cancer. Kroll and her family agreed to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure with the team name “Power Through.” The family has completed the race for the past few years and since her diagnosis Kroll has helped raise $10,000 towards breast cancer research.


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