Brilliance With A Brush


LOW MORE, Iowa (KWQC) — She says it’s like a magic wand in her hands. It’s part of her being. Ronnie Deevers fell in love with airbrush art about ten years ago.

The Low Moor, Iowa artist says since then, her art has exploded. The color, detail, and depth add a wonderful glow to her paintings.

She painted a beautiful ocean scene for her daughter who is a seventh grade teacher. It depicts a whale beneath water, and a fisherman on the surface. That piece is destined to hang in a classroom In Kankakee.

Her art is not confined to canvas. She was honored nationally in Airbrush Action Magazine for the work she showcased on a Harley. Genie and Dan Hartmann from Dewitt own the motorcycle. The patriotic art is dedicated to Genie’s dad who was an engineer in the Air Force.

Genie says Ronnie Deevers created something to be cherished. Art in motion. Brilliance with a brush. Distinctively Deevers!’

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