Hurricane Matthew puts a speed bump in travel plans


(KWQC) Local travelers are starting to feel the effects of the storm on their travel plans. Because of Hurricane Matthews fierce arrival, it’s put a speed bump in not only travelers plans but airlines as well.

Quad City International Airport of Moline, Director of Cathie Rachau says many flights have been forced to cancel.

“It hasn’t been too hectic,” said Rachau. “We’ve seen a cancellation for tomorrow to Orlando-Stanford, that’s our non-stop flight on Allegiant, of course every other city that tries to fly into Orlando is also cancelled.”

Many people have had their sites set on Disney World, which is directly in Hurricane Matthews path.

“Yeah I’m definitely praying for our clients,” said Theresa Gonzalez, owner of Gulliver’s Travel of Duck Creek. “I hope anybody who did stay [Orlando] are following the procedures of the resort they’re staying in.”

According to Gonzalez, many of her clients decided to drive to Disney World, and fly to other parts of the country to drive into the Magic Kingdom.

“We still have a lot of guest who do not want to miss their Disney experience” said Gonzalez.

But unfortunately for those traveling to Disney World, it will be closed for the 4th time ever, due to the arrival of Hurricane Matthew which is now a category 4 hurricane.


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