Protesters served eviction papers but still protesting against Dakota Access Pipeline in Lee County


SANDUSKY, Iowa (KWQC)- Near the banks of the Mississippi River in rural Lee County, protesters and pipeline workers have been clashing.

Protesters have camped outside of the boring site, along Mississippi River Road for nearly a month, but they were served an eviction notice effective Thursday.

They have been trying to stop the pipeline with what they call direct action.

“There’s different means, but physically laying or chaining ourselves to construction equipment in order to halt it,” organizer Alex Cohen said. “Our presence there becomes a liability and they have to turn the machines off.”

So far, on different weekends over 70 total arrests have been made.

“I had to stay overnight in jail, no big deal,” said Georgiane Perret. “Everyone was nice but we’re just trying to slow them down.”

Perret has been arrested twice, one of many who were arrested on separate weekends.

The camp that was set up along the road was served eviction papers, effective Thursday.

Though campers say police never came to evict them physically, they did move their permanent camp to private land. KWQC was not allowed to go on that private land.

Protesters say, even though they’ve been evicted, they will continue.

“Nothing will stop us,” Perret said. “We have strong convictions.”

“My goal here is ultimately stopping this from having oil run through the pipeline through the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers,” Cohen added.

TV6 did go to the boring site where construction was happening.

A white sign was placed on the fence that was somewhat readable. We could only make out the first line that read “We respect your first amendment right.”

We asked the pipeline security, who was filming us, if we could see the sign to see the statement from Energy Transfer Partners. Security would not talk to us.

The Lee County Sheriff did not return calls as of 9 p.m. Thursday night.



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