Roads starting to reopen in Davenport as flood waters go down



DAVENPORT, Iowa- The Mississippi has dropped under 15 feet and is expected to drop below 13 feet by Sunday. Davenport Staff is removing flood control measures as the river falls.

The public is encouraged not to drive, wade or play in floodwaters. Floodwater contains debris and other contaminants, and just 18” of water can float a car. If you encounter water over the road, Turn Around Don’t Drown.

  • S Concord from River Dr to Utah should fully re-opened Monday afternoon after river levels fall below 13ft and crews are able to clear debris and clean the street.
  • Gaines St will remain closed south of the railroad track until flood protection at Modern Woodmen Park can be removed.  Removal may be complete by Friday or Monday, depending on rain.
  • Beiderbecke has been re-opened.


  • Credit Island Park has been re-opened.  The bike bridge between Credit Island and S Concord will remain closed until S Concord is re-opened on Monday.
  • The boat dock at Marquette will be returned mid to late next week.
  • The riverfront bike path between Marquette and LeClaire Park should be re-opened by the end of the day Friday.
  • The riverfront bike path between Credit Island and Marquette will remain closed through Monday.  Water levels will need to recede a little further before cleaning and clearing activities can take place.


  • Crews are beginning to remove flood protection installed at Modern Woodmen Park.  Removal of all flood protection should be complete by Friday afternoon or Monday, depending on rain.
  • Access to the Compost Facility will continue from Rockingham Rd/Hwy 22 to Wapello to Railroad Ave until S Concord is re-opened on Monday.

Other Measures

  • Staff has begun, and will continue, to remove pumps and re-open appropriate gates as river levels continue to fall.

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