Quad City residents concerned for those in Haiti


MOLINE, Il. (KWQC)- For Luann Polissaint and Marlene Glaude-Shattuck the people of Haiti hold a special place in their heart. They’ve traveled to the country for the past four years as members of the group, ‘Friends of the People of Haiti.’ Over the years they’ve worked to help improve the quality of life in Haiti and have built relationships with many of the locals. However, since the devastation of Hurricane Matthew both women are concerned for those in the country.

“I have been in touch as much as I can my usual correspondents with Father, our contact there is with email and he’s been very responsive usually and since this happened we’ve not heard anything from him and also trying to contact him on Facebook any which way I imagine the cell towers are all completely gone so I am not surprised, still very concerned of course but I am just praying that we can hear something from them soon,” said Polissaint.

Both women have a trip scheduled to Haiti for February and hope to help with relief efforts caused by Hurricane Matthew during that trip. ‘Friends of the People of Haiti’ will host a chili cook-off Friday night. The proceeds made at the cook-off will go to help those suffering in Haiti. For more information visit their webpage.

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