Davenport community members gathered to lend a hand to Haiti


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Hurricane Matthew left around 60,000 people displaced in Haiti, so a Davenport church stepped up to hold a service project for those in need.

Hundreds from the community gathered Sunday at The Vineyard Church to pack boxes of food to send overseas. The church partnered with Quad Cities Kid’s Against Hunger for the project.

Patrick Street, Lead Pastor, said the church had a goal to raise enough money for 15,000 meals, but the congregation was able to raise enough for 37,000.

“We didn’t know the hurricane was going to hit Haiti, but God knew and had us prepared in advance to really go and reach out to one of the poorest countries,” said Street.

Members of the congregation, children, West High School students, police officers, and more joined in this effort to help Haiti.

Diana Kraus, church member, said this was her service project. “It you know, might not be like significant day to day lots of money or whatever, but like if we all just come together we can do something to feed lots and lots of people,” said Kraus.

The community came together as teams of ten, packing food. One person scooping each of the four ingredients, while everyone else stayed busy measuring, sealing, and checking each package.

Gracie Gutierrez, West High School student, was excited to help those less fortunate. “It’s really like eye opening like seeing like this kids and like how much I have and it makes me feel like blessed for all the things I have,” said Gutierrez.

For many volunteers, filling bags with food is rewarding. For others, like West High School student, Izaiah Schaeffer,  seeing what it’s like to have nothing is even more humbling. “We’re going to like try the food that they eat so we are going to get to see like what they have to go through,” said Schaeffer.

At the end of the day every left feeling like they made a difference. “It’s just a little bit of time out of my day,” said Kraus,” It’s just super easy and that’s why.”

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